June 17-21, 2012

Hamburg, Germany

Contribution Details

Name: BoF 16: Achieving Exascale through Innovations in Runtime System Software
Time: Wednesday, June 20, 2012
11:30 AM - 12:15 PM
Room:   Hall C2.2
CCH - Congress Center Hamburg
Speakers:   Rishi Khan, ET International
  Thomas Sterling, Indiana University
Abstract:   One of the greatest changes in the field of supercomputing is likely to be the development and adoption of innovative runtime system software to greatly improve efficiency and greatly increase scalability. Runtime systems will be essential to achieving practical operation and programming of Exascale computing systems by the end of this decade. Not only will runtime systems enable delivery of Exaflops performance, but they will also be essential for making them practical by bounding power consumption and providing resilience. This exciting birds-of-a-feather session will address many of the key issues related to the promise of future HPC runtime systems. An innovative approach will be taken to ensure audience participation throughout. Guiding questions will be formulated and posted at where participants may preview the discussion points, discuss online, and prepare their own ideas for consideration. Professor Thomas Sterling of Indiana University will give an introductory presentation and Dr. Rishi Khan of ET International will guide the audience discussion.  
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