June 17-21, 2012

Hamburg, Germany

Prof. Dr. Rainer Keller

Professor of Computer Science, University of Applied Science Stuttgart

Professor Rainer Keller has worked with different Performance Analysis tools on a variety of architectures with various user applications. Working at the High Performance Computing Centre Stuttgart (HLRS), he got to know Vector machines such as Hitachi SR8k and NEC SX9, ccNUMA architectures such as the SGI O2k and large-scale MPPs alike, starting from the Cray T3e to the newly installed Cray XE6 machine named "Hermit". After finishing his PhD at HLRS, he joined Dr. Rich Graham's group for a PostDoc at ORNL for the support of Performance Analysis tools on the Cray Jaguar machine. Since 2005 he has been heading the group "Applications, Models and Tools" at HLRS with 9 researchers developing and working on communication libraries such as Open MPI and parallel programming concepts and their tools in order to support application developers on HLRS' machines. The research groups contribution to the Open Source community include Temanejo, MPIStart, Memcheck and other work in Open MPI. For the summer term 2012, Rainer has taken a full position as professor for computer science at the University of Applied Science Stuttgart.

Contributions: BoFs 19 & 20
BoF 19: Automatic Node & System Performance Analysis at Scale
Program may be subject to changes.