June 17-21, 2012

Hamburg, Germany

Horst Schwichtenberg

Head of IT, Fraunhofer SCAI

Horst Schwichtenberg is the head of the information and communication department at Fraunhofer SCAI. Graduated in 1985 with a Diploma of Mathematics from University of Bonn, he has been working since as a Scientist at the Institute for Algorithms and Scientific Computing from the German Society for Mathematics and Information technology (GMD) which is part of the Fraunhofer Society since 2001. Starting with a specialization on hierarchical methods for solving partial differential equations and parallel algorithms on parallel local memory machines, his experience in High Performance Computing and numerical simulation goes back more than twenty years. Since 2001 he is the head of the IT infrastructure department of Fraunhofer SCAI. The infrastructure is built around HPC clusters for different application areas and the IT department supports a variety of groups that work on the different products and industry projects. Schwichtenberg’s team consists of specialists working on IT infrastructure management and virtualization, service platforms, web services and all facets of distributed computing. He has participated in a large number of collaborative projects of both German and European scale, frequently targeting distributed infrastructures and services. Besides publicly funded projects, Schwichtenberg has led industry projects such as comparative benchmark studies of well-known parallel software on different operating systems including Windows HPC Server 2008 and SLES 11.

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