June 17-21, 2012

Hamburg, Germany

Michael A. Jackson

Founder & CTO, Adaptive Computing

Michael Jackson is a co-founder of Adaptive Computing and helped to drive the first nine years of profitable growth. Michael drives Adaptive Computing’s strategic planning and cross company coordination, with an added focus on business and partner development. Prior to joining Adaptive Computing Enterprises, Michael was product manager of Internet and security products at Novell Inc.—the current developer of SUSE Linux. He also served as Novell’s channel business development manager. Prior to Novell, Michael was with Dorian International, the second largest import–export management company in the United States.

Contributions: BoFs 11 & 13
BoF 13: Improving HPC Efficiency with Moab
Exhibitor Forum 8
Adaptive Computing
Accelerating HPC through Advancements in HPC Workload Management
Program may be subject to changes.