June 17-21, 2012

Hamburg, Germany

Dr. Duncan Roweth

Senior Principal Engineer, CTO Office, Cray

Duncan Roweth is a Senior Principal Engineer in the Cray Technology Office, working on the development of future products. Duncan leads Cray research activities in Europe. His current work includes development of adaptive routing algorithms for low diameter networks. Other research activities include scalable and fault tolerant implementation of the communications primitives for exascale programming environments. Duncan was a co-founder of interconnect specialist Quadrics in 1996, joining Cray in 2009. Duncan has a Ph.D. in statistical simulation algorithms for lattice gauge theory from Edinburgh University, a Master of Mathematics from Cambridge University, and a first-class honours degree in Mathematical Physics from Manchester University.

Contributions: Networking/ Interconnects 1
Interconnects for Cray Petascale & Exascale Systems
Program may be subject to changes.