June 17-21, 2012

Hamburg, Germany

Elena Churakova

Deputy CEO for Strategic Projects, T-Platforms

After receiving a MS degree in Philology from Lomonosov Moscow State University in 1998, Mrs. Churakova has pursued a career in public relations and marketing for a number of software development companies before joining T-Platforms in 2004. Mrs. Churakova has supervised marketing, public and government relations activities, working towards T-Platforms brand recognition on the local and international arena, supporting prominent sales activities, developing new branches of T-Platforms business, and raising awareness for supercomputing among decision makers in the Russian government and funding bodies.

In her current position as Deputy CEO for Strategic Projects, Mrs. Churakova is responsible for driving T-Platforms activities targeted at 2-5 years perspective and having major impact on the company’s global strategy. These are projects which require continuous preparation work with government agencies and key customers in Russia and abroad, developing new competences and businesses, promoting supercomputer technologies in new market segments, R&D collaboration efforts with the company’s strategic customers and partners, and attracting government funds for new technology development.

Contributions: Closing Session with Analyst Crossfire
Analyst Crossfire
Exhibitor Forum 7
Supercomputing in Russia
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