June 17-21, 2012

Hamburg, Germany

Martin Hilgeman

Dell Enterprise Technologist – HPC, Dell

Martin Hilgeman (1973, Woerden, The Netherlands) has an advanced master's degree in Physical and Organic chemistry obtained at the VU University of Amsterdam. He has worked at SGI for 11 years as a consultant and member of the technical staff in the applications engineering group, where his main involvement was in porting, optimization and parallelization of chemical and material sciences applications for MIPS, Intel Itanium 2 and Intel em64t platforms.

Martin joined Dell in 2011, where he is acting as a technical lead for the HPC benchmarking group. His particular interests are in single processor optimization, architectural considerations for task placement, MPI single sided messaging and optimization of collectives.

Contributions: Hot Seat Session, Part 1
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