June 17-21, 2012

Hamburg, Germany

Prof. Dr. Dr. Peter Höppe

Head Geo Risks Research/Corporate Climate Centre, Munich Re

Peter Hoeppe joined Munich Re in 2004 after a scientific university career. He has a Diploma degree in meteorology and PhDs in physics and human biology. Currently he is heading the Munich Re division "Geo Risks Research/Corporate Climate Centre".

His main areas of research have been environmental effects on health, assessment of environmental risks, trends of natural catastrophes and climate change effects.

Peter Hoeppe is member of many scientific societies and holds different advisory functions for national and international organizations. He is founder and Chairman of the Munich Climate Insurance Initiative and one of the initiators of the Desertec Industrial Initiative.

Contributions: Alternative Processors, Architectures & Applications
Climate Change Risk Management of Munich Re – An Example of a Link between High End IT with Industry Applications
Program may be subject to changes.