June 17-21, 2012

Hamburg, Germany

Dr. Philippe Ricoux

Scientific Division/Modeling, Numerical Simulation, TOTAL

Dr Philippe Ricoux is at the Scientific Division of TOTAL group, thematic responsible of Numerical Processing and Modeling: animation and development of transverse technologies such as Applied Mathematics, Dynamic Modeling, Multi Fluids Flow & CFD, High Performance Computing, Advanced control, signal and Image processing, ...
Mathematics and signal processing engineer (SUPELEC), then chemical engineering engineer (ENSIC), and PhD on optimal control of catalytic chemical reactors, expert for US DOE and EU R&D, his carrier is mainly in scientific research although he also spent several years in oil &gas producer countries.
He created and managed during 8 years his own company dedicated to numerical simulation.
He is at European HPC Scientific Case chair of the Exascale industrial applications roadmap, and the coordinator of the European Exascale Software Initiative.

Contributions: Exascale Computing: Where Are We?
EESI2: European Exascale Software Initiative: Towards Exascale Roadmap Implementation
Program may be subject to changes.