June 17-21, 2012

Hamburg, Germany

Mr. Paul Hatton

HPC & Visualization Specialist, IT Services, University of Birmingham

Paul Hatton is currently the HPC and Visualization Specialist, IT Services, at the University of Birmingham. He also is currently the Technical Director of the IBM Visual and Spatial Technology Center and Service Manager for the Birmingham Environment for Academic Research. Paul graduated from Cambridge University with a first-class honors in Engineering followed by a one-year Diploma in Computer Science. He then joined Rolls-Royce Aerospace, initially working at the Whittle Laboratory in Cambridge and later at their Derby site. His work there ranged from mathematical modeling of the flow around fan blades to the design and implementation of real-time data acquisition systems (on PDP-11s) on the test rigs. He moved to the University of Birmingham in 1988 to become a Research Fellow in Chemical Engineering, working on the theoretical and experimental aspects of multiphase flows. In 1990 he joined the then Academic Computing Service where he has been supporting scientific and technical computing across the campus. During his time at the University, data visualization has changed from a specialist discipline mainly in the mathematical and computer science disciplines to a valuable tool in many areas of research. Paul provides valuable experience and advice in regards to high performance computing and managed the procurement and is service manager for the University BEAR Environment.

Contributions: BoFs 11 & 13
BoF 13: Improving HPC Efficiency with Moab
Program may be subject to changes.